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We pride ourselves on our EZ warranty process. You have to do nothing! Every repair that we receive is scanned for eligibility of warranty. If it has been here within the warranty period it will be automatically looped into the warranty determination process. No RMAs, no paperwork for you. EZ!


RF Driver Stages for Trumpf® CO2 Lasers

For over 20 years  and over 60,000 successful repairs Odyssey has established itself as the world's largest dedicated repair center for RF, DC and Microwave equipment.

Our newest repair at Odyssey are the RF driver stages for Trumpf® CO2 lasers we offer as core exchange repairs. We will have it ready to go when you need a repaired unit, as we understand the critical uptime needed for your success.  Our repair process includes our exclusive "layer cake" inspection. 


OTS Part Numbers      Description   Freq   Class     Trumpf® Part Numbers

OTS13M650W                650W                      13.56                0954356, 0990818, 1286829, 1288251, 1544591, 1544595

OTS13M650WE             650W                      13.56      E         1313254, 1392849, 1726682, 1760569, 1829407

OTS13M1000WE          1000W                     13.56      E         1258823, 1368226, 1726681, 1746606

OTS13M1000W            1000W                      13.56                 0131606, 0149214, 1286827, 1288256, 1597794, 1633972

OTS13M2000W            2000W                      13.56                 0139823, 0342740, 1286828, 1288256, 1597794, 1633972

OTS13M2000WE          2000W                      13.56      E        1304885, 1383930, 1726678, 1746609

OTS13M5000W            5000W                      13.56                 1245211

OTS27M1000W            1000W                      27.12                  0920105, 1293759,1323934

OTS27M1200WE          1200W                      27.12      E        1391564, 1726679

Exclusive North American Distributor for RF Driver Stages for Trumpf® CO2 Lasers 



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